Building the platform for your idea.

Firmware is what makes your product truly unique. Embedism’s dedicated firmware engineer is experienced across a broad range of applications and MCUs whilst also having deep knowledge in specialist areas including: audio, GUIs, and cryptography. We can make your product reliable and secure and help you to create great user experiences. Take a look at our capabilities here.


8-bit MCUs to ARM Cores

No matter what your embedded target platform is we can write firmware for it. We work with super low-level MCUs like the ATMEGA and PIC right up to more powerful ARM cores from ST and Nordic.


Low Power Radio to Cryptography

We work across an unparalleled breadth of areas, encompassing low power comms like BLE, audio/video processing, and a multitude of sensing technologies. We have a breadth of experience in signal processing, sensing applications, mathematics and crypto, and communications protocols.

Hosted Environments

Windows and the Web

We can create customised software to help you test your hardware, such as Windows emulators and drag-n-drop scripting interfaces

Full Stack Awareness

Development for the Future

Embedism has worked with leading cloud services like Google Firebase, and developed firmware that works with iOS and Android apps. We build firmware that doesn't limit the future possibilities of your product.

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Embedism provides affordable engineering and professional prototyping services to SMEs and individuals looking to develop products across a broad range of categories. We build IOT, wearable, domestic, consumer, and light industrial electronics. We write firmware for BLE, low power, DSP, audio and video.


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