Embedism is an electronic product design collective based in Brixton, South London. Our focus is bringing your ideas to life through a flexible and affordable engineering approach.

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About Us

Embedism was founded by Chay Strawbridge and Nathan Ruttley. Both have worked in the product design industry for a number of years and noticed a gap that existing consultancies and one-man-bands are unable to meet the needs of today’s modern, dynamic startups. Embedism applies a creative problem solving approach to traditional engineering practises, resulting in a workflow that makes sense to the human and yeilds beautiful products.

Embedism is different to the others. We have created a company that gets to know its customers on a deeper level, understanding that “I need this done” is often the only brief available, and that doesn’t empty your startup’s bank balance before you’ve even got over the starting line.

Hardware doesn’t have to be hard, it’s our mission to make it easy.

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Embedism provides affordable engineering and professional prototyping services to SMEs and individuals looking to develop products across a broad range of categories. We build IOT, wearable, domestic, consumer, and light industrial electronics. We write firmware for BLE, low power, DSP, audio and video.


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