Infi-Tex Sample Sheet

Product: The Infi-Tex Sample sheet demonstrates the power of Infi-Tex’s smart textile sensor technology by showing all of the different ways that it can be used..
Brief: design the interfacing electronics and firmware for the Sample Sheet fabric sensor and produce 10 units.

Embedism developed the hardware and firmware required to interface to Infi-Tex’s smart textile sensor. We then produced upwards of 10 units including sourcing PCBs from our manufacturing partners, hand-finishing in-house, and CNC machining the plastic casing.

Radbot from Vestemi

Product: Radbot is Vestemi’s flagship, award-winning, smart heating controller that saves people money on their energy bills.
Brief: find ways to reduce the unit cost, extend battery life, and make Radbot even quieter.

Embedism reworked our product with new components and ported our firmware. This will reduce unit cost on our next production run. Embedism also helped us to evaluate a new, cutting-edge motor control scheme to extend battery life and reduce sound levels, by providing a development platform and the required firmware - Damon Hart-Davis, CTO and Founder


Product: NJORI are revolutionising the home cooking industry with their innovative Smart Hob.
Brief: Bring the different aspects of our product together into one cohesive system and get our timelines back on track.

Embedism completely saved our bacon. After being let down by another company, these guys swept in and came up with a new project plan to best suit our position and helped us get something working in no time. Incredibly supportive of our needs, very flexible and great forward planning - Jack Raison, Co-Founder


Product: My_SmartBottle have built a bottle that helps you manage your hydration by measuring your liquid intake without directly contacting your drink.
Brief: Create production line test firmware that will ensure the product meets customers’ high expectations.

Great reactivity that we needed for solving an urgent issue, this combined with appropriate know how is an exceptional combination these days I would say - Koen Lenie, CEO

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