Essential workshop tools and where to buy them

I always struggle to remember which solder I bought or where it was from so this list is as much a reminder for me as it is a recommendation of tools and consumables for you!

The list below has the best solder to buy, the best pliers and snips, and importantly — links to buy hookup wire!

This story will be updated periodically. There are no affiliate links in this story.

Soldering and Rework


Hookup Wire

This wire is 22 AWG so just right for breadboards. The reels are 100 ft or 30.5m in length. This is the best wire I have found for quickly building a circuit.

Jumper Leads

Wire Stripping

Wire Cutting


Scrapers and Probes

Please drop us an email or instant message for additions or alterations. Remember to always check with other retailers to get the best price!

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